Exquisite Real Touch Soft Green Phalaenopsis Orchid & Artificial Succulents in Curved Wooden Style Bowl #33C

Product Description

Inspired by the subtle intricacy of Japanese Ikebana floral art, this exquisite arrangement of white phalaenopsis orchids and artificial succulent plants brings breathtaking detail to your coffee table, dining table or dresser. Oncidium orchid leaves, moss and plump succulents create an opulent setting of textural contrast and depth, from which soars three arching stems of pure white orchids. At the base, a smoothly curving wooden style bowl reflects the graceful organic lines of the orchid plant and brings the elements of the design together in flawless harmony.

This artificial orchid arrangement is handmade in the USA, using Real Touch liquid polymer technology. Each petal and leaf is perfectly formed to look and feel exactly like the real thing, to bring you the beauty of fresh flowers without the need for fussy watering and maintenance. Taking care of Real Touch flowers couldn't be easier – a simple wipe down is all they need to stay in pristine condition.

  • Color: Soft Green
  • Wooden Style Bowl
  • 21"W X 14"D x  19"H
  • Model # 33C
$ 417.99