Life Like Yellow and Red Real Touch Phalaenopsis Orchid in a Stylish Glazed Ceramic Pot #166

Product Description

In sunset hues of yellow and red, the blooms of this life like Real Touch orchid imbue your decor with vibrant warmth. Supported by bamboo poles, a pair of phalaenopsis moth orchid stems spring from a reddish-brown glazed ceramic pot that harmonizes with flowers without distracting from their splendor. The subtly curved form of the orchids is accented by twisted branches that create flow within design, while glossy orchid foliage and moss nestle around the roots to enhance the naturalistic effect. This display works perfectly in both traditional and contemporary settings, and looks equally beautiful whatever angle it is viewed from. It would be a great choice for a console table, dresser, powder room counter or desk.

This faux phalaenopsis orchid is made using the latest Real Touch liquid polymer technology, finished with realistic textures that feel just like the real thing. Unlike real orchids, which need special watering routines and careful attention, Real Touch flowers don't need to be watered and won't drop their blooms.

  • Color: Yellow and Red
  • Glazed Ceramic Pot
  • 25"H X 15"W X 10"D
  • Model # 166
$ 124.99

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