Real Touch Phalaenopsis Purple Orchids in a Glass Bowl with Pebbles #F-14D

Product Description

A striking statement accessory for your coffee table, dining table, entry table or counter, this Real Touch orchid display is a timeless choice that will enhance both traditional and contemporary decor. Featuring an artificial phalaenopsis orchid plant, with a glorious cascade of moth-like blooms in a flamboyant purple hue, it is easy to see why these flowers have become associated with luxury and romance. The orchid is seated on a base of aqua foam, surrounded by smooth, glistening river pebbles that create the illusion of moisture. A glass bowl, with clean minimalist lines that lets those marvelous flowers take center stage and holds the whole design together.

This artificial orchid arrangement is part of our Real Touch line. The ultimate solution to always having fresh flowers on display, Real Touch liquid polymer technology results in faux blooms that are incredibly realistic – they look and feel just like the real thing.

  • Color: Purple
  • Glass Bow
  • 24"H X 22"W X 18"D
  • Model # F-14D
$ 449.99