Real Touch White Phalaenopsis Orchid & Artificial Succulent Plants in a Tall Modern Ceramic Vase #32W

Product Description

A mesmerizing combination of phalaenopsis orchids and succulents in a chic vase, this modern flower arrangement invites the freshness of nature indoors. This tall yet full form of the display is an ideal choice for a console, end table, dresser or counter, and will complement formal and casual decor. White moth orchids, a symbol of peace and harmony, create a lavish, exotic feel, and are complemented with an array of luscious greenery below. Artificial echeveria succulents and stems of hens and chicks combine with dracena on a bed of plush moss to bring balance and fullness to the design. The vase is a contemporary piece with a cylindrical form and a pattern of indentations creating appealing texture.

This phalaenopsis orchid and succulent arrangement is made using the latest Real Touch liquid polymer technology. With life like textures that will have you wondering even after you have touched the petals and leaves, Real Touch flowers are the perfect time and money saving alternative to the real thing.

$ 827.99