Yellow Silk Peach Blossom & Artificial Succulents in an Antique Gold Urn #F-36D

Product Description

Transform your decor with this silk flower arrangement of peach blossom and succulents in an sumptuous gilded finish urn. Life like branches of silk peach blossom in a cheerful sunny yellow give the arrangement height and form, while long glossy orchid leaves echo the upward movement. Planted around the base, in a classic low urn, are an array of artificial succulents, angular grass and croton bush foliage. Designed to be appreciated from all perspectives, this silk arrangement looks stunning on a pedestal, dining table, entry table or counter.

This silk flower arrangement is the easiest way to enjoy fresh blossom in your home at any time of year. Handmade in the USA using only the best silk flowers, we have selected only the most life like blooms for a naturally appealing look. Unlike real flowers, our silk flower arrangements don't need watering, nor do you have to worry about regularly replacing spent blooms.


  • Color: Yellow
  • 35"H x 22"W x 23"D
  • Model #F-36D
$ 417.99