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Artificial Chinese Money Tree with Succulents in Black Zinc Pot#P-17

$ 258.90 $ 323.63

This modern plant is highly sought after as a center piece for "Feng Shui". Botanical Chinese Money Tree plants are known to bring positive energy, prosperity and wealth to those who have them. In real life these trees can be tricky to keep with light and water but not our money tree. We take all the guesswork out for you and your tree will stay beautiful from the first day to the last. The sleek black metal zinc pot is a lucky addition as the cool crisp lines elevate the design making it more handsome and bold. With the realistic addition of succulents, reindeer moss and black pebbles our arrangement adds a layer of professionalism to any room. We imagine your money tree bringing you good luck in the office conference room or lobby. You could add this to a modern dining room, on an entry console table or enjoy with guests around the coffee table. Enjoy our modern design of the Chinese Money Tree today!

Idea for Dining Table, Entry Console, Codffee Table, Office Conference Table, Lobby Center Piece, Counter, Office and Home.

  • Product size: 17"W x 13"D x 23"H
  • Color: Green
  • Model #: P-17