Silk Bird of Paradise and Anthurium on Gold Leaf Plate #7

Product Description

Enjoy the heat from a beautiful tropical palm even when there is snow on the ground with this gorgeous silk floral arrangement. Exotic Birds of Paradise lend height to this wonderful arrangement while unique Anthurium counterbalances the look and rounds it out nicely. A gold leaf plate brings out the vivid hues on the silk flowers and lends elegant shine. A living room or dining room would be wonderful to display this gorgeous centerpiece full of red hot charm.
Materials: Bird of Paradise, Anthurium Spray, Staghorn Spray, Dieffenbachia Plant, Philo Plant, Leather Fern , Philo Leaf, Croton Leaf Plant

  • Color: Red, Orange, Yellow
  • 21W x 13D x 23H
  • Model: #7


$ 285.99