Real Touch White Phalaenopsis Orchid & Artificial Succulents in a Metallic Finish Resin Bowl #F-1D

Product Description

A distinctive design that combines dynamic lines and delicate looking blooms, this artificial flower arrangement brings that “wow” factor to your console table, reception desk, sofaback table or counter. The eye is instantly drawn to a duo of white phalaenopsis orchids, with bamboo poles used to provide artful support. Below, the varied foliage of mother-in-law's tongue, green aloe and vanilla grass bush, sedum and succulents fills out the base, and a pair of metallic silver spheres adds interest. The artificial plants are cupped in a metallic silver finish resin bowl, its crescent shape in harmonious equilibrium with the asymmetry forms of this arrangement.

This artificial succulent and phalaenopsis orchid display is part of our Real Touch line. Utilizing the latest Real Touch liquid polymer technology, our faux flower arrangements are incredibly life like, even to the touch. Real Touch flowers have the great advantage of never needing watering, and can be cleaned, using a brush and damp paper towel, for complete practicality.

  • Color: White
  • Metallic Finish Resin Bowl
  • 27"H X 20"W X 13"D
  • Model # F-1D
$ 447.99

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