Artificial Trees

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Cypress Grass Tree #LTG515

Artificial Tree

$ 151.99
Rhapis Tree #LPR315-GR/TT

Artificial Tree

$ 657.99
Rubber Tree #LTR255-GR

Artificial Tree

$ 237.99
Schefflera Tree #LTS105-GR

Artificial Tree

$ 558.99

Artificial Trees, a perfect solutions to your dream garden.

A garden full of trees is always a joy to watch. In modern world with short time to spend, artificial trees increase the grace of your outdoor area. A healthy living require a fresh looking artificial trees which decorate your garden. The better way of decorating your outdoor is with the help of silk trees which require almost no care and nourishment. Our collection of artificial trees will give your nearly natural look, as you never have to look for any real tree again. We are always available with new and fresh artificial silk trees and do guide you what would look better for you. Our products in this category range from large artificial trees to real touch tree collections. Here at Jenny Silks, Silk artificial trees are available at competitive price on sale with free shipping.
As trees come in different shape and size, so as the fake trees at jenny silks comes from small size enough to put on your table to a large artificial tree for your living room. Our indoor artificial trees are the best made of selective plastic material which gives a resembling look to real trees. You can decorate your entryway, bedroom or living area or any other indoor area of home with these fake trees. The greenery provided by these indoor silks trees will add a natural look to the shine of your home.

At Jenny Silks, the best silk trees are available on sale so you can get best deals on every purchase.

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