Artificial Succulent Plants

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11.5" Moss Ball (3 Balls Total) #AAM486

Individual Succulents

$ 113.99
13.75" Moss Ball (2 Balls Total) #AAM488

Individual Succulents

$ 207.99

Looking for inspiring plant?

Faux succulent plants are the best choice for you.

Now what’s different about succulent plants is they grow in harsh and dry climate, so they give very soothing look. They are a sign of survival and always inspire you to fight with all situations. Having a succulent plant in your living area or office will always provide you with such strength to achieve great success ahead.
Faux succulent plants comes in lots of variations, so what is best for artificial succulent plant is that you can design your plant as you like, in any shape or size, whether long or short or curly, along with available in different colours. You can find a plant which matches your environment. Growing a real succulent plant requires a lot of efforts and you can’t control their shape or size. Here fake succulent plant comes handy. You can buy them any time at Jenny Silks Online Store. Also you can change them any time you like.
At Jenny Silks we have a range of artificial succulent plants in pot which include moss balls, agave plants, hen and chicks etc. You can buy a single plant or a complete set of plants to match your location. We provide high quality faux succulents in vase that looks best with no care. Just simple regular cleaning will do the work for you and will add a simple touch of decency to your ambiance.