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ARTIFICAL NATURAL SILK FLOWER Arrangements in Santa Ana, Ca.

The owner, Jenny Cheng, established the artificial silk flower arrangements business back in 1986. Owner’s goal was to provide the best quality silk flower products which will increase the decor in any home or office. Over the past 32 years, Jenny Silks has become the leader when it comes to the quality of the product. She was able to maintain this level of professionalism due to her educational background in art and designs. Her international journey has given a major exposure to the multicultural tools used to be the creator of her talent and skills.

All products are handmade in the local warehouse located in the heart of Santa Ana, Orange County, CA. Jenny Silks take pride in offering their clients a premium selection of designer botanical natural silk flowers and tree arrangements giving a life like, natural, water looks with the use of hand crafted artificial flower and succulents

Jenny Silks continues to strive to provide and exceptional client services by taking care of their clients need whether making sure products are delivered or on time, Or understanding the need of clients home or office décor and creating a custom silk flower or tree arrangement. Either way, Jenny Silks assures their clients are satisfied in every possible ways.