4ft Real Touch Dracaena Massangeana Tree in a Contemporary Metal Pot #177B

Product Description

Bring new energy to your home or business decor with this Real Touch dracaena tree. A contemporary metal pot forms the base of the display, creating a chic effect in smooth, matte finish black. From a naturalistic base of moss-topped foam emerges a 48” (4ft) dracaena tree, its shiny green leaves creating lavish movement and depth. This artificial dracaena tree is a stylish floor plant, and would be ideal for a wide variety of settings. It could be placed in an entry hall to create a welcoming ambiance or beside a sofa to complete a seating area.

Made using the latest Real Touch liquid polymer technology, this artificial tree feels and looks just like the real thing. Offering a perfect alternative to the inconveniences of fresh plants, this life like dracaena tree doesn't ever need to be watered – and it can easily be cleaned. Just brush away dust, then wipe away residue with a damp paper towel.

  • Color: Green
  • Metal Pot
  • 48"H X 24"W X 23"D  (4'FEET)
  • Model # 177B
$ 440.99