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Luscious Tropical Silk Flowers and Greens in Brown Metal Pot #F-113

$ 813.64 $ 957.22

Bold blooms tackle the urban heat and island effect that your island decor has been missing. You want tropical blooms that convey the bright sunshine and large trees tropical islands are known for? Look no further than this generous display. Though we specialize in fake flower arrangements this piece will confuse your guest wondering if they pinch the blooms a little harder, it'll prove to be real. Beginning with the sleek brown metal pot, this playful design rises effortlessly with the addition of greenery. Our greenery includes exotic blends such as Ginger Flower, Manzanita Tree Branch, Palm Bush, Croton Plants, Willow Grass, Agave Plant and Mother in Law's Tongue. The first thing that will catch your eye is the Bird of Paradise Bloom that peeks gleefully from behind the greens. The bright purples and oranges of the flower is what gives Birds of Paradise its playful name. We love seeing it accent our other tropical blooms giving this arrangement the illusion of having grown right outside your natural fiber's door. Enjoy bringing home the island vibe with our lavish display of real looking fake flowers.

Idea for Entry and Lobby Table, Console Table, Entry Floor, Office Reception Counter and Home

  • 24"W x 20"D x 48"H
  • Color: Red/Orange/Green 
  • Model #: F-113