Green Real Touch Artificial Succulent Plants & Grasses Arranged in a Real Wood Planter #S-71D

Product Description

In a palette of tonal greens that create a cool and refreshing sensation, this display of artificial succulent plants and grasses works equally well in both relaxed and formal settings. Filled with rich layers of exotic greenery, a rectangular real wood planter supports the arrangement. At the back, the mottled leaves of mother-in-law's tongue plants rise proudly to draw the eye upwards, while vanilla grass bush echoes their spiked form in a smaller scale. This contemporary artificial succulent arrangement also features sedums, curly fern bush and moss grass, each adding its unique touch of textural contrast. This attractive arrangement is an ideal choice for placement on an end table, cabinet or counter.

  • Color: Green
  • Wood Planter
  • 23"H X 19"W X 7"D
  • Model #S-71D
$ 329.99