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Traditional Fake Large Cedar Bonsai Zinc Garden with Real Pebbles and Faux Moss Grass in Black Metal Zinc Pot #P-14

$ 578.71 $ 680.83

A woodland scene like this is created over years and meticulous care taking, yet, our minimalist large bonsai collection comes to you already perfect in its pot. The realistically smooth texture of the trunk sets us apart from our competitors. The addition of moss growing up the trunk and on the natural pebbles depicts a scene so serene and peaceful. Our fake Cedar leaves will never need constant care attention. Our large Bonsai comes to you and will stay as bright as the day it arrived. Enjoy this bonsai tree and pebble display on your dining table or as a greeter on the entry console table. This piece would make a statement on an office conference table or lobby centerpiece. We are confident that whether at home or in the office our bonsai plant will be enjoyed for years to come.

Idea for Dining Table, Entry Console, Office Conference Table, Lobby Center Piece, Counter, Coffee Table, Office and Home.

  • 28"W x 10"D x 17"H
  • Color: Green
  • Model #: P-14